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Well Well Well....

so yeah.. its 2005 and things are starting off pretty good. We had a party at Jut's to bring in the new year. I had to work til 9 so i didn't get there til 10 but it was fun. Everyone got along which has been unusual as of late. Jut's mom and i had an awesome conversation and Keith and i talked alot which was great.. we also wrestled alot hahaaahaaaaaa.... he was tickling my damn feet i had to hold strong for the team haha... I hurt my already messed up arm though.. it will heal. I've been meeting alot of awesome people lately and I've become close to a few of them. I work with this guy Rob that is awesome.. we've been becoming really close lately. I enjoy hanging out with him and talking to him, his fiance is really awesome too. Me and mel have been talking alot too. Of course Jut and i are really close like always. Keith and i have been really close lately. we're going to get our tattoos together wednesday, yay! Peter, lauren and i have been hanging out and getting along good. JOhn and i have been hanging out alot lately too, he's so damn funny. Me , john, keith and i think josh are all going to Cabot street tomorrow night. Scurvy and Full Blown Chaos's gonna be fucking nuts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So yeah I like this guy Joe... he's amazing. He's funny, he's smart, he likes hardcore and pretty much all music, He has the most incredible smile i've ever seen and one of the most awesome tattoos. He comes to visit me at work alot.. i love seeing him:) i guess we'll just have to see where things go...
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