Jessie (tweakedfreak) wrote,

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I have such a headache...

I dunno why but my head really freakin hurts!!! ahhh!!!
Well today was an interesting day. Jut, Joshy p and I went to the Erotic was fun, lol. Josh turned 18 so he wants to go everywhere that he can. After that we swung by Vibes and josh got a bowl. Then we went to the edge cause i decided i wanted a new hole. I got my rook done it's something new and something different. after that we headed for home. I decided that i wanted to swing by the mall to see if anywhere had the new Bury Your Dead cd but i couldn't find it so i ended up getting Full BLown Chaos' newest cd which is just as good.
JOsh called me today when i got back. We didn't talk much. His story changes alot. i want to believe what he says but lately it's been tough to do so.
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